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    Before I begin with PSE10

    OK---PSE10 arrived yesterday. I am happy and nervous. Before I dive in, like I normally would, anyone have tips for organizing with a new program?
    When I got PSE6, I was new to everything- even digital scrap, so I just added and added and added stuff. My PSE6 probably looks more like a teenager's bedroom than a designer's program to most people!
    Is there anything I should consider before I install and load up this version ?

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    Well my advice would be....Only load the brushes you will use daily...the rest keep in a folder and just load them when you need them.

    I don't load styles either unless it is something I am going to definately drop shadows and bevels...the same with actions...the more you load the longer it takes to boot up!!!

    With fonts...well...they get added to windows so they don't count! LOL

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    I second what Christina said! When I upgraded, I took the opportunity to clean out my styles and brushes and get rid of those that I don't regularly use. I think I still have more than most PSE users, as I use lots of brushes in designing, but I don't find that it bogs down too much, and I like the ease of having them installed already.
    One thing that REALLY helped was to rename all my CU brushes, styles, and patterns, adding a "CU" to the beginning of the file name. That way all my CU stuff is clustered together and easy to find. :-)

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    Thanks, ladies- please keep it coming!!
    I would ask you- how long did it take from your first "enter" to install to the end of your entire process; including styles, brushes, etc?? What is realistic? thanks!

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    Well,if I remember correctly, it took a few hours, as I was cleaning up and reorganizing as I installed. I was renaming, dumping folders, moving stuff around on my hard drive, but I like how it feels now.

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    For me it will probably involve days. I installed so many junk styles and they take forever to remove.

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