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Thread: July Progressive Challenge

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    I agree, everyone's pages are looking super!

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    Here is mine!

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    My Step 3....I didn't have a string, so used a ribbon! Creative License used,

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    Hopefully I did this correctly.


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    My Step 3
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    These are great ladies!! So many different variations on the steps!! Awesome layouts! :)

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    My Step 3 Gallery Link.

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    Step Four:
    4. In this step, we'll add some elements. Find another scatter - placed away from your photos.. something like snowflakes or snow balls.. so that it doesn't overpower. Find some hanging bobbles, at least 3 (in keeping with your layout, if not a Christmas theme) and depending on where you've placed your photos, have them hanging from them or have them hanging from above, and find some delicate flowers to place in and around your photos. Include a fastener like a clothes peg or staple. If you've gone with the Christmas theme, find some gift boxes or Christmas animals and place them in and around your photos. Be careful not to over power your layout. Now add 3 buttons on the edge of your top paper. Keep them smallish and place them on an edge that doesn't have anything close by, to balance things out. Remember there is one more step.. :) keep things balanced to your eye. :)

    Post your layout by Wednesday, July 25 2012 The next step will be posted Thursday, July 26 2012

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