Hi everyone

I'm Irene/Rene or EhKho {whichever you feel most comfortable with; I've been called worse LOL}, from Glasgow, Scotland but living in NE England. I am a SAHM to 4 kidlets aged between 22mths & 15yrs, 4 furbabies and my DH.

I'm a creative geek, I've been "arty-farty" since I could hold a crayon and a geek since discovering the Spectrum ZX lol. I've been online and designing this and that for nearly 14 years eeek, I've spent around 5 of them in the digiscrap community and have been developing in PHP/CSS/XHTML on and off since 2003/4; and I really dislike introducing myself on forums

I've been lurking around this site for a while now, waiting for the day when I could treat myself to a course and that happened this morning so I'm really looking forward to starting Paper Making #01 because you can never have too many techniques up your sleeve!

It's nice to meet you!