I am desparate.... I bought the Mr. Retro Machine Wash filters program...for a hefty sum... The program installed beautifully and registered without a problem.
The program installed under C:/program files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1/Plugins/Filters/Mr. Retro.
I also bought 4 texture packs. The instructions on the site say that the texture packs should be installed in the same folder as the program which would be the Filters folder. When I tried to install I get the message "This Path (the path to the filters folder) doesn't contain Updating .db file do you wish to continue." I have no choice as my computer doesn't seem to contain the .db file, Photoshop doesn't and neither do the Mr. Retro texture packs. So I said yes. When I open photoshop the Mr. Retro Machine Wash filter is there but the texture packs are missing. I can see with windows explorer but Adobe doesn't recognize them. I have written the company several times asking for help but so far they haven't answered me. I have no idea if this is my problem, or the software's problem nor do I know how to fix. The Mr. Retro Machine Wash filters program is totally useless without the textures I am at my wits end without the company's help I don't know how to solve this problem does anyone have a clue???