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    May 2007

    Fleeing Freebies

    Some times my freebies escape me.
    Such as when I go to extract them, there are no files to be extracted...Do you know why this happens?
    Also, I've been lazy and have let some of my daily downloads sit in 'my account' and they expired! Waaaaa!

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    Blips in the internet can happen as you are downloading and that can make zips corrupt! So it's always good to just hover over the zip in windows to make sure you can see a brief list of what is in the zip. If you don't see anything that's a good clue that it's a bad zip and you need to download again.

    As for daily downloads or really anything in our store....Download links are good for 5 days or 3 attempts, whichever is exhausted first. That's in line with what others are out there doing :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    The zip files could also be hiding in your "temporary" folder. I can't even FIND it on my Vista computer, but was a pro at finding in in Windows XP. Are you downloading them into a folder, and unzipping them later? Or do you usually unzip as you download?
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    May 2007
    If I download let's say a few things, I might download and them leave them unzipped in my task bar. It might be a few hours later or the next day and when i go to unzip them, each file will be empty. Make sense? I thought I was wearing out my extractor on my laptop but it has happened on my pc, too. Not consistent, but seems if one file is empty the remaining ones are, too.
    I;m not sure where my temp file is...I will look.
    Thanks Holly and Baby

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    I should really go to bed, but keep getting distracted on this wonderful WWW. LOL

    Are you using Firefox?

    It sounds like it could be the "temp files" thing.... Are you downloading into a certain folder, or just the default one? I save each file into the site's folder (for example, all the daily stuff from here goes into a folder called "GDS Dailies") -- it makes unzipping a snap later on (not to mention I'm able to credit quite easily), AND I know where the file is because I put it there.
    We'll help you find it!
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    May 2007
    Yes, Firefox.
    Yes, default folder/desktop.
    Once I unzip I move to a general folder where there are some supfolders my DD created; papers, elements, wordart, etc. I haven't been diligent about always using the subfolders because I would have thought by now I would have had an organization system in place but I haven't gotten back to that.
    Right now I have to jump in the shower and get ready for a golf tournament....its going to be HOT! Like 90's.
    Later today I will look for temp files....any hints? Maybe start menu?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Kat, when you click on a download link today, and that download options box pops up - hit "open" instead of save. After it gets finished downloading it a window will pop up with that folder in the temp folder. Just click the "up one" button and you will be in one of the subfolders of your "Temporary Internet Files/content" folder of you computer.


    BTW -I learned the hard way not to wait to unzip when I lost some files I really needed and was unable to re-download. As soon as something is finished downloading, I open the folder and unzip immediately.

    I'm with Julie, I have a folder in "My Documents" called "Digi" and it has subfolders, like one for "GDS". So, if I download a DD or a challenge prop or posting bonus from here, the zip gets downloaded directly to the "GDS" subfolder. Then I open that folder and unzip right there - saves a lot of searching headaches

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    If you have Windows XP, then it's this route:
    C drive (or whatever your main drive is) >
    Documents and Settings >
    Your Name (mine is called Julie Peterson because we registered it in my name) >
    Local Settings (this is right next to the Favorites folder (that folder looks like a star in my computer)....but it may be "hidden" so if you don't see it, click on {File > Folder Options > View > and then toward the bottom, click on the button that says 'Show hidden files and folders.' Then click Apply and then Okay, and you should see it now.} >
    Temp -- this is the temporary folder for Firefox. If you haven't cleared your cache, then they may be hiding right here.

    That just gave me a thought -- do you have it set to automatically clear your cache? That could be why they're showing empty... I'm just thinking out loud here.
    Anyway, hope it helps some. I still can't find it on Vista, so I hope you don't have that.
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    May 2007
    OK. I am going to take a look. Haven't gotten around to much over the last few days because we've been so crazy. Now we are gearing up for vacation at the end of the week. Hopefully, I can look this afternoon.

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