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Thread: Winners Announced! Ready to try to win again? Answer this fun question....

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    My all time fav kit is My Romance by Maria Designs. I have used it so much ... it is the kit I always fall back on when I can't figure out what kit to use. It is the most versatile kit I own!

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    There are way too many to choose from for me, but this one I love because I was able to scrap so many wonderful photo from my DD's Civil Union.

    Heart's Desire by Studio4 Designworks

    and the beautiful Heart's Desire Add-On

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    ...oh to only pick one is very hard.
    I have a few collabs and older kits that I use a lot....but I'm going to say that right now I have a new favorite that I know I will use a lot.
    SweetMade's kit 'Back When' :

    Thanks for this chance to win and to see so many other kits that are favorites!

  4. pick one???? Just one??? Wow, you sure don't make it easy... LOL

    I have many favorite kits here but currently my favorite is Earth Inspired by Verina Designs. I just love the neutral colors with the splash of red.

    It's in the store here

    and here's what it looks like.

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    Help! I can't decide!

    I can't pick a single favorite. Perhaps I could say my favorite is the one I just bought! Like everyone else, I love the collabs because they are so versatile. Generally I prefer blues, and since my family is full of guys, I use a lot of kits with blue. For young kids and sometimes older ones or even adults, I sometimes like bright colors. And since I am doing a lot of heritage pages and my own story, I use a lot of neutral color kits - just did one with SweetMade's My Shabby May Flower.

    It's a pleasure when I have the opportunity to use a more feminine kit and have used Andrea Gold's Just Because several times.

    At this point I have LOTS of kits, so when I buy, I'm looking for unique elements that fit a photo or photos I want to scrap. I do often pick the kit first and then hunt for a photo. Since I have many thousands of photos, I can always find something that works. And I almost never use more than one kit (or bundle - I do love those!) for a single layout. My stash isn't well enough organized to easily find coordinating stuff from different kits. If colors in the photo or photos don't go with the kit, the photos are turned into B&W or sepia.

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  6. I like this one by Studio 4, because of the colors ,but I see her new purple kit could be the next fave kit for me.

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    That's not fair... How are we supposed to pick ONE?! Oh well, I'll go with the first product that came to mind, even though it's really difficult to choose!

    Baked with love by HollyAnn

  8. I hope I am not too late - My favorite right now is American Story by Andrea Gold

    I don't know how to get the picture here. I tried to copy and paste - dosen't work!

    Thank you!

  9. I would have to say the Faith Journal Collection Vol 1. I had never heard of faith journaling, I've only just discovered art journaling! What a wonderful creative way to express and share both Joys and struggles and maybe along the way give experience, strength and hope while at the same time healing (or celebrating) our own soul. What a gift! And I see that inside every one of those kits. The only thing that would make that collection even better (if that is possible) would be to ad "Soul in Bloom".

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    ALL !..... lol.. ! So hard to choose. But I think my favourites kits are....kits i'm not having at the moment !!!! Because i so much like play with new stuff !
    Both this kits are making mea wink :

    And :

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