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Welcome, Cyndi! I, too, am an Air Force brat, born in the US but spent time in England and Germany. We lived in Arizona for many years, and I'm a UofA grad, though many years older than you. Amazing what the commonalities are amongst us all in the digiworld! Hope you enjoy the site!
My husband & I went to see both our family, when we went to Germany & Switzerland. Nice when we both have family that comes from that area. I'm only starting to like this site, it helps to be on a creative team of one of the designers, so I look forward to sticking around.

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The turnips and potatoes, sound yummy, but the haggis... I have celiac, so I need to avoid oats, regardless. But, I'm pretty much game for trying anything!
I didn't know & still do not know where my post went to, however according to your reply, I C U found it. I too am allergic to a lot of foods: there is so little foods I can actually enjoy. I have a love-hate relationship with foods: It seems the foods I like, hates me!!

[QUOTE=Amanda;245936]First, HI Cyndi!
Glad to see you here! Looking forward to your pages with all those photos![QUOTE]

Thanks everyone for the welcome so far.