Hello Everyone!!

My name is Cyndi Lyn Waldmann. My real name is Cynthia given to me by my dad. I was an Air Force Brat: born in Dover Delaware & then I moved to Scotland when I was real young, & then moved back to the states & lived in: Sacramento, California & then Grizzly Flats, Ca., & in various area's of San Diego, Ca., & in Grass Valley, Ca. We also lived in Michigan in the U.P.: in Marquette/Harvey area. Then I got married & moved to Springfield, VT & then about 3 years ago moved to Arizona where we do not have to change our time.

Im a homemaker, to my wonderful husband who is a trucker by trade. My husband & I love to travel & have been to various countries & to various states. Weve been to Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland. Weve been to Great Britain: London & Scotland. Weve also been to Asia: South Korea.

Im creative @ most things that I set my mind & hands to do: I can look @ most things & imitate it, in regards to purses & I have a creative mind with ideas in regards to making backpacks & I have a new sewing machine & have learned to love to sew. I enjoy Nouveau Art & love to make Jewelry. I enjoy Digital Scrap, as well as scrap by hand & card making & crocheting (I crochet my own bathing suits with my own patterns in my head).

That's a wrap!!