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Thread: June Progressive Challenge

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    Smile June Progressive - 1

    I enjoy your challenge. Here's the link to my LOs:

    Thank you for hosting,

  2. Here's my step one, I'm using the kit sweet sweet dreams by Rossi Designs.

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    Step Two:
    2. This layout aims to focus on the center line, either horizontally or vertically, your choice. Keeping this in mind, keep all your elements from here on out very near the center line. Now you'll need either two photos with one repeated twice or 3 different photos. You'll need to find two different circle frames to put them in, repeating only one of them. They should also be 3 different sizes and they should be overlapping slightly so they are connected. Add shadows as you like.

    Post your layout by Tuesday, June 12 2012 The next step will be posted Wednesday, June 13 2012

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    Ay, a day late again. Sorry !!!
    My 1st step:

    Click to go to my blog:

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    Hope this is right wasnt sure if frames touching meant like this or whether you wanted all three frames to all touch each other- if so I can easy change it to a mid centre cluster of three frames

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    Perfect! You understood perfectly! :)

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    Thanks for the challenge! Here's mine with step 2

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    Ladies.. please remember that layouts need to be posted in the Progressive Challenge gallery for credit... if they aren't posted there, I may miss them and you may not end up with a posting bonus as that's where I check to get names to send out posting bonuses. :)

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    Step 2:


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    Here's my Step 2

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