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Thread: June Progressive Challenge

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    June Progressive Challenge

    Progressive Challenge - May
    A progressive scrap is a *slow* speed scrap!!! I love speed scraps and I'm equally fond of progressive scraps because there's no way to anticipate the next step so it's always interesting to see what kind of a fix we can get ourselves into and out of! Heaps of fun!! So here are the general rules to our *slow* speed... er I mean *Progressive Scrap*.

    1. On the first day of the month I'll post Step 1. Then, I'll post the first of next weekly steps to the Progressive Scrap in a weeks' time, and so on until we've completed the layout

    2. Add only the items listed in the step for that week, although you may add/alter shadows at any time.

    3. As in card playing, *once it's laid, it's played*. If you posted your layout, you may not go back and change it. You may only build on the previous week's layout following the new step for the week and this makes things VERY interesting indeed!

    4. The original and subsequent steps will be posted in this forum thread, as well as here in the first post.

    5. Post your weekly layouts no later than midnight of the day before the next step is due - I'll post this date in the steps.

    6. Post your layouts in the *Progressive Challenge* gallery.

    7. Link your layout back to this forum thread so we can have a look at your artwork and leave some love!

    8. Use of GDS Designer products is encouraged and very much appreciated!

    9. Please list all the GDS products you've used.

    10. There will be a posting bonus for everyone that: a) posts a layout in the gallery for each step AND ALSO b) linking their layout back to this forum. (so you have to do both). I'll post the bonus in this thread when it's available.

    11. YES this challenge counts towards the Scrap 7 Challenge!

    To link your images back to the gallery .. have a look here

    Also... here's on on how to assign keywords to your layouts to give the credit back to the GDS designer

    Step One:
    1. For this months challenge you'll need to start with 3 papers. One dark one for the background. The next on top of it should be a lighter colour with a pattern and the top paper will be the lightest and plain. Resize the top 2 papers and give them an angle twist that is pleasing to you. Add shadows to give a little depth.

    Post your layout by Wednesday, June 6 2012 The next step will be posted Thursday, June 7 2012

    Step Two:
    2. This layout aims to focus on the center line, either horizontally or vertically, your choice. Keeping this in mind, keep all your elements from here on out very near the center line. Now you'll need either two photos with one repeated twice or 3 different photos. You'll need to find two different circle frames to put them in, repeating only one of them. They should also be 3 different sizes and they should be overlapping slightly so they are connected. Add shadows as you like.

    Post your layout by Tuesday, June 12 2012 The next step will be posted Wednesday, June 13 2012

    Step Three:
    3. In this step you'll need to create 4 paper strips or wide straight ribbons to arrange behind your photos. Add a bead scatter that does not exceed the width of your paper strip elements.. :) To do that, use any bead scatter and arrange over the paper strips, then erase the beads outside the paper strip boundary. :)

    Post your layout by Monday, June 18 2012 The next step will be posted Tuesday, June 19 2012

    Step Four:
    4. Now you'll have to find four different elements to cluster around your photos. Keep the clusters tight to the photos so that they don't stick out into the layout too much as this is about keeping things on the center line. You can use flowers, ribbon,s buttons, greenery or whatever you like.

    Post your layout by Sunday, June 24 2012 The next step will be posted Monday, June 25 2012

    Step Five:
    5. Ok.. this step is easy... find a tag and a *font you have not used before*. Put the date on the tag and put some journaling somewhere on your layout. Position a title anywhere you like.

    Post your Saturday, June 30 2012.
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    Thanks for the challenge Lone!! Here's mine for step one

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    here's mine.... never done this before so I hope I have done it correctly!

    Step One

    "Ever stop to think..... and forget to start again?" My Blog

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    Here's my step 1, not sure if I'm posting this right.

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    Here's my step 1:

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    these are looking good ladies!! :)

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    Here is mine!!!

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    My Step 1

    I'm back in the groove. Here's my Step 1:


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