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    Listen to this!!

    Tonight I came home from work to two very frustrated boys. Their complaint? The printer won't behave for them to complete their holiday homework. It sounded so much like how I feel sometimes, I thought you might want to hear their eloquent gripes!!

    "I'm so frustrated with Modern technology!!"
    "Here's why:
    1. It keeps mal-functioning!
    2. It keeps mistakenning our instructions!
    3. It doesn't stop when you want it to stop!
    4. You can't order it around!! "

    haha, I do feel that way sometimes, can't live with it, can't live without it!!

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    Apr 2007
    Virginia Beach, VA
    lol lol lol ... i guess it's the price we pay for living in our "modern" world ..... but hey, in the end it's worth it!!!

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  3. OH my that is tooo funny! I can just hear em too!!

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    hehehe - too cute! You gotta love he things kids say

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    Luckily, when this happens to me, I can give my husband that pleading look and he will fix it for me!

  6. i love that about kids - they always tell it like it is!!
    But i have to say that i agree with them!

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    Germantown, MD
    This is so funny!!!
    I love how they phrase their frustrations.

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