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Thread: (`._.Sketch Marathon Challenge for iNSD._.)

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    Smile (`._.Sketch Marathon Challenge for iNSD._.)

    Hi! I've got a great template challenge for you! I'm going to run it through noon on Tuesday, May 8! Here are the guidelines:

    1. Using the FIVE free templates provided below, complete layouts with all of the templates using primarily GDS products.
    2. Your layout should be unique and only for this challenge. No double dipping, lol!
    3. Upload your completed layouts to your gallery at gds and provide links here so I can find them and send you the bonuses. It's not necessary to upload them to the sketch gallery for this challenge. Just make sure to provide links here in this thread.
    4. If you complete layouts with all 5 templates by the deadline (May 8 @ NOON), I will give you my Sunny Moods kit and glitter. This is one of my older kits and I've completely revamped it. I'm about to release it into my store!
    5. If you use my American Story Bundle for at least one of your layouts, you will also receive a $5 off coupon to my store!

    Here are some previews of all the goodies:

    The free templates:

    Download PNG here.
    Download PSD here.

    If you complete this challenge by the deadline, I will give you these bonuses:

    If you use my American Story Bundle for at least one of your layouts, I will give you a $5 coupon to my store. Here are some previews of American Story:

    Because of the iNSD sale, the bundle is 50% off right now! You can find it HERE.

    I hope you have fun with this! You can ask questions right here and I'll do my best to answer them. :)
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    I'm game for this, we'll see if I can do five...

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    terrific challenge! i love your new collection and bonus!






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    Sounds like a great challenge to me!

    Love the American Story collection! It is packed full of goodies!

    Your re-vamped Sunny Moods kit looks lovely!

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    What a challenge Andrea! Thanks for the templates, I'm taking the challenge! Your American Story collection is beautiful.... and HUGE! Think I'll be able to do all 5 LO's just with the bundle :-D

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    More lovely templates. I'm in.

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    Super templates Andrea!! Thank you, I'll be back with my LO's

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    I think I'm in!!

    The templates are fantastic!

    I don't usually use templates because I'm learning design and need the design practice, but I have so many heritage photos to scrap, I'm beginning to realize that I need to use templates sometimes to speed things up. Maybe I have many years to get all my heritage work done, and maybe I don't.

    I'm glad you gave us until the 8th to do it.


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    Thanks Andrea. Love the templates!

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    My layout #1 for this challenge, using American Story by Designs by Andrea Gold, and the template #764

    Image is linked to the gallery.

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