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Thread: INSD "Oh Yeah, I'm a Designer!" Challenge

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    Great job, Christelle!

  2. WOW ! so many papers and quick too, ! love the little tea pot, great job

    Quote Originally Posted by christellevandyk View Post
    I've done it!!

    I present...
    Kitchen Comforts

    You can download Kitchen Comforts here.

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    Great template Cathy! Love the shadows too.

  5. nice template

    Quote Originally Posted by britnkaysmemaw2 View Post

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    I Have an Idea...

    This sounds like fun, though I'm just getting my feet wet when it comes to digital design. I want to try something like Word Art, but just to keep it a surprise until I submit it, I'll just say it isn't "word" art. How many "word" art items should be in my mini-kit? Is there a way to get the Designer Frame (or whatever it's called) for my preview? Are there instructions anywhere on the website on how to construct a mini-kit and its preview?


  7. Cathy, that's a really nice template!

    Selra, I do quite a few word art packs and usually try to include about 8-12 clusters. It kind of depends on how intricate each one is. So, I guess a "mini" could be 4-5?
    You can make your own preview template quite easily--it's kind of like making a layout!

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    Awesome work Cathy and Christelle! Well done!.. now how do I get that awesome CU pack myself ... hmmm

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    Thanks for this challenge! Here's my mini:

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    I guess comments are going to have to come in the threads, as it's just too blooming hard to navigate the gallery as yet. Things are not working like they used to. Anyhow, great template, Cathy, thank you! Christelle, great kit for your first try! Love the theme.

    And Debra, love that little smilie guy at the end of your post, very cute!

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