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Thread: I've finally found Photo Paper I love!!

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    I have a HP 3210 all in one.

  2. Question photo paper on a lexmark printer

    I have a lexmark, does any one know what type of photo paper works best with it?

  3. Hi, just chiming in here with a suggestion to do a hunt on the internet for a study done on life of different papers from different vendors. I've seen it and remember that certain paper brands only have a 2-5 year life in terms of retaining quality of prints. I don't have the URL or else I would post it.
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    At GPS printing, they do say that satin paper's life expectancy is lower than matte. I'm going to have to check that out.

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    You also need to bear in mind that its not just the paper that determines how long the quality lasts - it depends on the ink, and the ink's compatability with the paper too.

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    That's entirely too much to keep up with Joy One would have to have a book full of entries to keep up with all the different paper types combined with all the different ink types .... I'd go nutso trying to keep up with it all!

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