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Thread: Gallery gone

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    Yes, I agree! We SO appreciate all your work!

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    Is anyone else able to see the gallery?

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    Nope....they are working on rebuilding it!

    Hang in there! Hopefully they will have it back soon!

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    I can see it and even loaded two today. Most everything from me is missing, and there are some wonky size issues. But yes, I can see it.

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    Still working on it and believe me, as anxious as you all are that everything will be restored. Crossing fingers and toes! Please do not try to upload anything to the gallery at this is still closed.

    Thank you Everyone for your patience.

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    We are "hanging" with you- don't get charlie horses with all that crossing!!

    Please let us know when the green loading light is given, my CTM's are driving me nuts, lol!!! They love GDS
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    ok got my answer as to why I can't get to the gallery...I guess it helps if I read. I'll try back later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webdesignmom View Post
    ok got my answer as to why I can't get to the gallery...I guess it helps if I read. I'll try back later.
    If you upload it to an image sharing site or just attach it to your post in the forum you can share it in THIS thread!! I know I for one want to see it!!

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    mine are completely gone

    Glad I found this thread, my gallery is horrendously ( does the word exist?) empty, not a single layout left, sigh, I hope to have them back soon, finger crossed!
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    I have re-uploaded all my LO
    But a chance for me I didn't have a lot
    I work with psp10 and I try to learn CS5

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