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    Talking Speed Scrap 'n Chat - Saturday April 28th @ 9:30 pm EST

    You are cordially invited to a SPEED SCRAP 'n CHAT
    Right here!!
    Tomorrow night!!

    What to bring???

    3 photos, your favorite scrap kit, your favorite beverage, some snacks and come join me in this thread for a Saturday Night Scrap 'n Chat!!
    (this one is going to be a little different)


    Tomorrow night, April 28th at 9:30 pm EST, 8:30 pm CST, 7:30 pm MST & 6:30 PST!!!
    Right in this thread!!!
    (how easy is that??)

    I will provide you with a link to what you will be working with at the start of the Speed Scrap!
    (hmmmm....what can it be???)


    But of course!

    Everyone that participates will get a 50% OFF Coupon to my store and one lucky random participant will win a $5 coupon to my store!

    See you here tomorrow night!!
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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Sounds interesting! Count me in!

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    Is this the right place? Or do you do it in the chat room?

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    This will be the place!!

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    One more hour!

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    Oh goodie! I'm here then! Not ready, of course, but I'm here! :)

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    Did you find 3 pictures??

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    Wow! All day I've been saying to myself 8:30... I'm such a dutz!

    <<me today with the kiddos

    Anyhow - more time to get ready... see ya in a bit for the

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    I hear ya!! Now that would be 8:30 my time...LOL...relax....your "me" time is coming!

  10. #10 alert just went off....30 minutes!

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