Howdy 'yall! hehehe... I don't really talk like that, but, some believe I should since I'm from Kansas. And no, I don't have a pair of ruby red slippers on my shoe rack. but i DO have two amazing pair of cow girl boots! Yeeee Haw! LOL.

My name is Leslie but everyone calls me Momma Harvey. ;) I turned 31 this year and am a proud momma to my sweet little boy, Wyatt. My wonderful husband works for the rail road, and we have three dogs, Cotton, Dixie, and Dixie... yes... we have two dogs named Dixie...long story. (holy cow... I didn't realize how country western we really were until I started typing out my bio... scary.....).

I work full time as a Marketing Manager in the travel and tourism industry and do a LOT of freelance design work on the side. I started my digital art adventure before my son was born... you know... you can't have all the traditional tools spread across your living room floor when a baby is involved...

I am now diving in to the Art Journal world and LOVING it. Art Journaling really allows me to express the artist in me and not get hung up on the scrappy book aspect. ;) Although, I still "project life" the heck out of photos of my son. Hehe.

Anyway, this is a little bit about me. Looking forward to getting to know you!