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    I am going with what will make me do an impulse buy.
    First color, the colors draw my eye and either lift me or bring me down.
    Preview of the kit is really important, thee way a designer presents her kit either makes me have to have it, or pass it over.
    I look at the shadowing on the elements as well, because how those elements shadow look is usually an indication of how easy or hard its going to be to do that myself.
    If they dont shadow well, then my final layout isnt going to look great either.
    I have in the past bought an entire kit just for one element.
    Now I dont, I check out the cu stuff and get what I need from there.
    The papers are also important, I really dont like bright and busy patterns, I find them really distracting in layouts.
    So I look for some patterns and very subtle background papers.
    Value for money is also important.
    I also love the designers who sell the elements and papers separately. I find that is especially great for doing challenges and things at sites. And also because sometimes I just want a plain background but love the elements of the kit.

    Mini kits are great if they have the right mix of elements in them. They are also great for challenges lol.

    I have seen layouts in a gallery which has induced me to want to purchase the kit, clicked the link and the preview was so poorly done that it completely turned me off the kit, even though the layouts were what drew me to look at it in the first place.
    I also love kits with splatters and things made with brushes.

    These days I tend to buy more brushes than anything because you can do alot with them.

    I also have my favorite designers and sites that I tend to purchase from. I like shop for all I want in the one store if possible.

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    [QUOTE=createdbyjill;240474]When shopping for a kit....what's the first thing that catches your eye and makes you think "I gotta have that!"? Colors used? Previews? Creative Team layouts? A favorite designer?

    *That depends entirely on what I'm looking for... but usually the colours & previews are important... otherwise I look for my favourite designers... couldn't name just one as there are SO many

    With that in mind (and thinking about how much use you will get from it) you look for kits that are overflowing with papers and elements or mini kits with 6 - 8 unique papers and 20 - 30 unique elements?

    *Yes I look at the papers designs and colours & I also love LOTS of elements as I love clustering & using different elements on different layouts... sometimes I just look for special elements

    Hope that helps

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    I look at the price first, then I go off of, what is the colors or the theme to the kit how much comes with it for the price. That kind of stuff.
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    One or more elements have to catch my eye. I'm not after papers particularly. I prefer to buy smaller kits with what I am looking for than a kit bursting at the seams with a whole lot of similar stuff.

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    Same with me but the papers are as important. I donīt need more than 6-8 papers/ 3 clusters
    or two qpīs. AND the items should be in one style so they fit together. No gel objects in vintage kits etc.
    I also care for the colours which are sometimes too pale.
    But that is only my personal taste.
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelaK View Post
    One or more elements have to catch my eye. I'm not after papers particularly. I prefer to buy smaller kits with what I am looking for than a kit bursting at the seams with a whole lot of similar stuff.
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    I look at the elements and overall theme. I prefer medium sized kits. I want to have some choices but not be overwhelmed. Also, I prefer paints and graffiti. When I get the chance I like to make my layouts with an art-journal style.

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