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Thread: Two questions for you!!

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  1. Two questions for you!!

    When shopping for a kit....what's the first thing that catches your eye and makes you think "I gotta have that!"? Colors used? Previews? Creative Team layouts? A favorite designer?

    With that in mind (and thinking about how much use you will get from it) you look for kits that are overflowing with papers and elements or mini kits with 6 - 8 unique papers and 20 - 30 unique elements?

    Can't wait to see the responses!!

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    This will be very useful for me too.
    For me the most important things are: the color scheme, the theme and of course the preview and the CT pages. I guess everything is important

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    For me, the first thing is the elements. And, as I just love to cluster... I like it when there's plenty of spiky things and greenery to go with the flowers. I also like it when there are small elements to scatter in the clusters.

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    Like Patty, I looove to cluster, so I tend to look for kits with lots of elements, particularly lots of different flowers and leaves. I also like to have a large variety of papers so I can use the kit over and over again. I look at the theme of the kit first, then the colour scheme and last but by no means least I look at the CT layouts.

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  5. My answer is a little different and maybe not helpful, but, I am always struck by the preview. If it intrigues me, or makes me want to make something, I look further. I don't care too much about size, big or small. I do care about variety and uniqueness. I don't like kits that have things so similar to kits I already have. Using it more than twice is not an issue, as many people I think have too many kits already, lol!! If I am not sure about purchasing a kit, I definitely look at the layouts!!

  6. First, colors catch my eye and then the preview. I don't care for a kit that has the same exact element in 3-5 colors. I do like a variety of elements in a kit. I love to look at layouts. I love when the layouts with a kit are shown with the kit preview.

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    I always look for layouts using a particular kit - to see how well the papers and elements can be used. I also prefer a kit where there is a variety of papers, and papers that are not all patterned.
    Next I look at the elements, and the preview is always helpful for that.

  8. Love all of these answers! Keep them coming!!

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    The colors catch my eye at first, but then I take a closer look and love looking at all the previews and layouts made with the kit. The layouts are pretty much what sells me -- if I dont think I can scrap with the kit, no matter how beautiful. than I dont buy it.
    I also love Bundles! I love clusters, but dont like to take all the time to do them. Fun word art grabs me too (since I stink at that).

    I like to have a variety of papers in a kit, but I struggle with scrapping with patterns, so solids and texture always draw me in.

  10. I like to be able to see the elements in the preview - sometimes you think something is there and it is just part of the designers signature. I love to see layouts done with the kit as that shows what elements are there and their size also. Love things that are different or unusual and not just several of the same recolored.

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