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    Love all of these answers! Keep them coming!!

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    The colors catch my eye at first, but then I take a closer look and love looking at all the previews and layouts made with the kit. The layouts are pretty much what sells me -- if I dont think I can scrap with the kit, no matter how beautiful. than I dont buy it.
    I also love Bundles! I love clusters, but dont like to take all the time to do them. Fun word art grabs me too (since I stink at that).

    I like to have a variety of papers in a kit, but I struggle with scrapping with patterns, so solids and texture always draw me in.

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    I like to be able to see the elements in the preview - sometimes you think something is there and it is just part of the designers signature. I love to see layouts done with the kit as that shows what elements are there and their size also. Love things that are different or unusual and not just several of the same recolored.

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    My answer is a lot like Amanda's. The preview is what draws me in. I am always looking for things that I don't have. I don't like cutsey wootsy stuff either, I dont know if that is because I like to Art Journal too and I prefer to be a bit grungy when I do that but I stay away from kits that are too pastel and have little animals and stuff like that.

    I also prefer specific designers. I have three or four that I have just about everything they have in their stores (much to my husband's displeasure!) I've gotten so that when GDS puts out their collabs I can usually tell who did what elements or papers!

    I too would rather have more elements as many times papers go unused for me...although I am trying to use each kit more.

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    Color is usually what grabs me first, elements are always a huge thing.

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    Wink Two Questions

    I do have favorite designers, and I always look at their products.
    I always look at "ease of obtaining" I have stopped looking at or buying from sites that I have to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to obtain the page displayed or cost too much for what is offered.
    I never look at pages, etc. that have whimsical, silly items like teddy bears and funny creatures. I Do NOT look at pages that are busy and piled with items. On the sample layouts I look for and like a place to journal or tell something about the picture posted. I do Not like a picture frame to be half out either side or both sides. I always look at vintage, old, antique, and heritage items.
    I love:
    newspaper looking pages, items, and I have special folders for it,
    scrolls and journaling to be added to pages for descriptions, etc.,
    tourquoise, aqua items and many, many more.
    I have a folder for special sites that have incredible downloads, and a folder I call Awesome--which has pages I am definitely going to use!

    I do think I am a collector and have enough for 3 lifetimes.

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    I already answered how I choose kits....but I have a suggestion!!! Today while I was scrapping, I was using a kit that had no greenery in I had to go digging thru a bunch of other kit to find some greenery.

    You know what would be cool...a set of basics....that had in it say a bunch of different greenery to choose from. There are all sorts of sets of frames, tags, flowers...stuff like that that can be purchased....but no greenery...I know boring...but it would be nice to have an assortment of different leaves, vines, etc thats in a go to set

    anyway just a suggestion!!

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    I like criostirado's idea! I am a one-kit-at-a-time scrapper, but it is true that sometimes you want something specific, like greenaeries, that the kit you are working one doesn't have.

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    I would have to say the color scheme & the preview is what draws me to the kit. I am like some of the others, I don't like the same item, but in different colors. I like to see a variety of elements with a few papers. I don't like it when we have to purchase mini's to get everything. I also have favorite designers & you just happen to be one of them Jill. I hope this helps you out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by norskinus View Post
    I like criostirado's idea! I am a one-kit-at-a-time scrapper, but it is true that sometimes you want something specific, like greenery, that the kit you are working one doesn't have.

    That is a super idea for the more traditional scrapbook designer!

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