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Thread: Anyone From Wichita Falls, Texas?!?!?!?

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    Wink Anyone From Wichita Falls, Texas?!?!?!?

    Hello ,

    I see that there are a few people from this lovely state of Texas , but are there any from the Wichita Falls area, or near here?

    Tyler, Texas is the area where My Husband is From... Arp,Overton,Tyler areas to be exact!~
    I would love to find someone close to or near the area to have as a "Fellow" Scrapping Buddy....

  2. I know the feeling.. and sorry but not from TX.. Hard to find any digiscrappers my way either... I think I've come across two so far in my little city!

    Good Luck.... Maybe we can start a nationwide digiscrapping chain of coffee houses! I bet we'd all have a ball hanging out together with our laptops!

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    LOL...LOL...!~ I bet that We would make the NATIONAL NEWS HEADLINES !!! by the time that we are thru too !! heheheheheee !!!!! GDS would be MORE FAMOUS than the stars in Hollywood :) :) :) :) :) :)

    My "PaperClips' Stand By that Claim!!!!

  4. I went to highschool in Price! And my grandmother has been in the tyler, henderson area foever! But, I live in Midland now.

  5. It is just by coincidence I came across this thread you started but I do live in WF. LOL! PM me if you want to talk about something digi related. If you watched the news when it flooded not to long ago you may have seen me on there. Channel 3 came and interviewed me because our rear apartment flooded. Not fun! Anyway did you fair okay in the flood?

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    Hello There Pyralis , I Recieved A Notice Via Email Stating That You Had Posted And Ran Over To Say Thanks For The Note!~ No!!! I Did Not See That On The News , How I Missed That , I Would Love To Know.... I Will Pm You Here In Bit , Gotta Get The Kids Settled With Lunch. Brb Though ...heeehe Eee . Sooooooooooooo Glad I Found Someone In This Area !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wichita Falls Native

    Just ran across your post. I was born and raised in WF. Graduated from WFHS in 1960--yes, that's been a few year ago. Met my husband at SAFB and we're still married--45 years later. We live in Joplin, MO now--been here since 1981.

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    Here in brisk Wichita Falls

    I just found your post. I am not from Wichita Falls but I live here now. Work at SAFB. Live in University Park. One kid graduated Hirschi, 3 more there now.

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