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Thread: Key words & uploading

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    Key words & uploading

    Hi!! I have a couple questions!! I always use the key words on my layouts to the kits I used, but sometimes I use more than it possible to use more than one keyword in that space so my layout would come up under both kits? how would we do that??

    My other question is about uploading. I have noticed that many digital sites that have galleries that are similar to this one..they all seem to be on the same platform...but we can upload more than one layout at a time...I was just wondering how come you guys don't do that? You definately allow the most layout uploads per day which is awesome...but I know that with being on a couple of the CTs of designers at GDS...that would be an awesome function if say we could upload five at a a time...that way you put the information in once..and it applies to all of the layouts!! Anyway just a suggestion/question!!!

    This is definately my fav site!!! I feel at home here!!!!


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    We are glad you are happy here Chris......we love seeing your awesome creations in the gallery and love the energy you bring here!

    I can answer the keyword question. Yes, you can add more than one. Just leave a space between the two.

    Here is one of my layouts that have more than one keyword and link in the description field: Love is in the Air

    As far as the uploading.....that would be a great feature, but I use Notepad and put all my info for uploading there, then copy and paste to each site, then when ready to add the info to my CT team, I have it all together.

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    Cathy, I do the same thing with typing it once, then I can copy and paste even the layout name, description with the links, and the keywords. It makes a very quick upload to all the galleries that I'm required to post to. I also agree with you two about loading more than one at a time here, that it would be great. I love it here too, I always feel welcome and sometimes even special! Thanks everyone for your kindness and hospitality!!!!
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    Thanks!!! I do the same thing too with everything in word...I actually save them for each designer that I CT I just plop in the new link and name....

    Last night I was uploading eight or nine layouts..and it seems like it takes forever uploading them one at a time!! so I just thought I would suggest it!

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    Sounds like you all have worked out a great system for uploading. I do the same thing. To re-type everything every time would be so time-consuming. As far as uploading more than one LO at a time, that would have to be something that would have to be changed in the store's system software set-up. I'm sure there's probably a way to change it, but I believe every time something is changed like that, it costs the owners to do it. I'm sure they take notes of suggestions from members and keep them under their hat for future ease of use here at the site.

  6. Uploading more than one layout at a time IS possible now. I do it regularly , (Ok, I don't make as many pages as I used to) thanks to Holly. I asked this question when I first came on here.
    What you do is upload your first image. Then instead of clicking Process, go back to upload images and keep doing that (repeating) up to 5 at a time.

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    will have to try that out Amanda, i get the chance to load two at a time anyways, but just sometimes being able to do more than 2 would be good

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    Cool Amanda!!! I'm gonna try that! Thanks so much for sharing from your vast stores of knowledge!

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    Never know what I'm going to learn when I come to this forum! Isn't it great! Thanks Amanda for sharing with us, that will really help. I agree too-this is my favorite site. I'm glad you are all here because you are major reasons why it is my favorite. Oh no, getting gushy

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    Ahhhh....gushy is sweet!

    We do have a Super community here don't we! I love our virtual digi family here!

    Thanks Amanda for the awesome tip on uploading! Will give it a try!

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