Hi!! I have a couple questions!! I always use the key words on my layouts to the kits I used, but sometimes I use more than one....is it possible to use more than one keyword in that space so my layout would come up under both kits? how would we do that??

My other question is about uploading. I have noticed that many digital sites that have galleries that are similar to this one..they all seem to be on the same platform...but we can upload more than one layout at a time...I was just wondering how come you guys don't do that? You definately allow the most layout uploads per day which is awesome...but I know that with being on a couple of the CTs of designers at GDS...that would be an awesome function if say we could upload five at a a time...that way you put the information in once..and it applies to all of the layouts!! Anyway just a suggestion/question!!!

This is definately my fav site!!! I feel at home here!!!!