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Thread: My Life:My Faith

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    My Life:My Faith

    I am terribly excited to be bringing a new faithbooking class to GDS, "My Life: My Faith." I've been mulling over and working on this for some time now, and I am looking forward to documenting what is most important in my life, what is the foundation for my decisions, my hope, my joy.

    UPDATE!!! This class is now live and in the store!

    Class will begin on April 2, and it will run for 4 weeks. I will have daily prompts for your journey, encouraging you to reflect on the various ways your faith has impacted your life. When the class is completed, and you have finished your layouts, you will have enough pages to make a meaningful photo book.

    Included in the class price will be:
    Daily Prompts and Emails
    A Dedicated Forum and Gallery
    A Template Pack
    A Word Art Pack
    A Faithbooking Kit

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a personal message or post in the this thread, if you believe that others will benefit, too.

    And, please note, that while I am a Christian, this class isn't limited to only those of my faith. I've worked on prompts that will be applicable to different faiths. However, the kit and the word art will most likely reflect my heart.

    I'm really looking forward to this new adventure.

    Just a little update, my friends:
    I'm hard at work, putting together products for the class. I thought I might give you some ideas to get yourselves ready, too.
    This will be a fast-paced 4 weeks, so doing just a few things in preparation will really help you later on.

    1) Set up a folder on your hard drive just for the class. You can include sub-folders: for example, for journaling text documents and for any photographs you might want to include.
    If you'd like, you can also make and save blank documents, 1-20. I'll be supplying a few templates in 12x12, but of course, you are free to not use them and to make your pages any size of your choosing.

    2) If you know you have photographs you'd like to include in your story, gather them now (I'm thinking of baptisms, and influential people in your faith, your church, etc.) You certainly don't have to have photographs, but if you think they might add to your book, it would be good to gather them now.

    3) As you reflect on your faith throughout your life, make your notes in text documents and add them to the folder.
    I understand that you are working in the dark right now, not knowing the prompts. But, these exercises will begin the process of you meditating on your faith, and that will make it easier when those prompts do come for you to recall events and people. One memory will lead to another...

    I would so appreciate your prayers, not only for my preparation, but for yours, too.
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    This sounds wonderful Barbara.....I look forward to hearing more about this.

  3. Again, a designer after my own heart!

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    Thanks, Amanda and Cathy. :-)

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    I'm excited about this, Barbara! It's a wonderful idea, and I hope to be able to participate.

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    Sounds great!

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    Sounds wonderful Barbara - so refreshing!

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    Woah!!! Could that banner be any bigger??? I'm gonna have to get Debra to resize that!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Precepts and Promises View Post
    Woah!!! Could that banner be any bigger??? I'm gonna have to get Debra to resize that!
    Just wanted to make sure it got everyone's attention...

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    LOL....and it does! I think it looks great!

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