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    This is the place for the Febraury 27th Speed Scrap!

    OK, ladies, are you ready?
    We're beginning in 30 minutes. You can join me in the chat room, or follow here. I'll post all the new instructions in this first post as well as in the chat room.
    Get your photos and journaling ready!

    Step 1: Make a new document and find a background paper of your choosing.
    Save your layout! Control+S

    Step 2: Find or make a photomask, add it to your page. Place your most dominant/important photo in the mask.
    If you need help with this step, just ask!
    Move the photo and mask to this position: resting with the bottom edge on an imaginary line drawn across your document at the mid-point, with the left-hand side of the photo/mask resting against an imaginary line drawn through the vertical mid-point.
    If you feel confident with your choice, you can merge the photo (control+E) and mask and then apply a blending mode.

    Step 3: Find a horizontal frame or frame cluster with multiple openings, either 3 or 4, (or more!) depending on the number of photos you have chosen.
    Save your layout! Control+S

    Step 4: Fill your frames with the photos you have chosen.
    If you need help with this step, just ask!
    Save your layout! Control+S

    Step 5: Add some elements of your chosing, but you must use at least one button or bracket.
    Save your layout! Control+S

    Step 6: Make a title for your page, using more than one font or alpha (or an alpha and a font!).
    Save your layout! Control+S

    Step 7: Add your journaling. Add your shadows and any other details you'd like. Upload it to our gallery and then come back here and link us up! You have one hour to finish!
    Save your layout! Control+S
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