Hello Everyone,

Just came in to say hi!
My name is Natasja, but here on the internet everyone knows me as MissHappy1980. I'm living in Apeldoorn, a village in the Netherlands.
I'm 31 years young (sounds much better don't you think ), married since 14 may 2010 and a proud mom from a daughter who's turning one on 2 february this year.
I'm between jobs now. During my pregnancy I had some troubels with my pelvis (is that the right word?) and that will never get better, so I needed to stop with my job in a child daycare center.
For 6 years ago I started with analoog scrapping and last september I started with the digital scrapping and I really love it! It's a great way of getting all the photo's of my daughter, on a fun way, in a photobook and it's a lot quicker than the normal analoog scrapping (which I still do as well).
I apologise for my English, it's still needs some improving
I hope to have lots of fun here and learn a lot!