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Thread: GDS Products For A Hero's Thank You

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    GDS Products For A Hero's Thank You

    So, I got this email yesterday,

    Dear Daffy,

    I really want to post a layout in the A Hero's Thank You gallery at GDS, because I love our troops and want to show my support. I'd like to use some products from GDS to create my layout, but I can't find any patriotic kits here. Do you have any suggestions?


    Dear Patriotic,

    There are so many wonderful kits here at GDS that you could use to create an awesome patriotic page for our troops! I'll compile a list for you!


    Okay, I made that up - but I was thinking along those lines yesterday, so I went searching and found a bunch of products here that would work for these layouts. Here's a preview of just a few of them.

    First, Debra made an awesome patriotic kit for this campaign. And it's FREE! Here's a preview - check out the Designers Giveaways forum for a link to download it:

    And as you'll read below, the fab designers here are working on a collab kit just for this event. Now, that's guaranteed to be something worth waiting for!

    In the meantime, here are some great things that are already in the shop or that you might already own, to help get that creative, patriotic mojo going!

    Here's Alice's Daniel kit - these papers are so rich and the colors just shout USA!

    Wouldn't these red and blue buttons by Doreen look great sprinkled across
    a patriotic page?

    Red and Blue Chipped Letters by Alice - perfect for spelling out
    "Thank You" to our troops!

    I just love the red and blue twill papers in this kit by Debra

    There are plenty of perfect colors in the Color Pop kit by Jessica and Andrea - and stars, too!

    Another perfect alpha

    Brandi's Dinostar kit has blue and red and stars. It's also got the perfect shade of Army green. WhooYaa!

    Could these papers by Alice be any richer? I think they'd be perfect for
    some heartfelt journaling....

    A stitched star - now wouldn't that look great on your page?

    More red and white from Debra with Stars and Stripes for good measure!

    A perfect alphabet for a casual page - maybe some 4th of July pics?

    Rebecca's Red and Blue are a little more muted - perfect for a heartfelt page..

    Yin's new rough and tumble page - perfect for pages that show our appreciation for our heros in uniform.

    Blue Star Alpha - could it get any better?

    And for something a bit on the funky side of patriotic, how about Jessica's new Salsa kit? The colors remind me of the Marine Corps flag. Semper Fi!

    And if you need a template for your layout, what about the Star templates by Andrea Gold? There as several to choose from, each one as ideal as the next, for a beautiful, patriotic page.

    And finally, what about Amy Leigh's new Sunday picnic kit? The red in this kit is just beautiful and the emobssed stars would look great on any Hero page.

    So, that's my list. I hope it helps you remember some of the GDS products that you already have that will work for your Hero's thank you page. Or, if you were in the market for one of these products for something else, you'll realize it would work perfectly for this awesome project. Well, I'm off to make my page.

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