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Thread: A Winner a Day in Andrea's Store!

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    A Winner a Day in Andrea's Store!

    Hi! This will be a fun challenge/contest! It will run for the entire month of October and there will be a winner every day! Here's how it works:

    1. Look through my store every day during the month of October. Post a reply here along with a preview of a single product (not bundles) you really want but don't have yet. You can post a preview by right clicking on the image in the store listing and choosing "copy image URL" or "copy image location". Then, when you post your message, click the image button in your post and paste the link in the popup box. If you need help with posting the image, just ask and I'll fix your post. :)

    2. Along with the image, post a link to the product and say why you want it so much.

    3. Each day, I will look through the replies and pick a random winner from the posts for the day (through The one winner for each day will win the product they posted for that day. You can win multiple times. It's completely random!

    Winners will be announced the next day.

    **I am not online on Sunday except for extreme emergencies. So, Saturday and Sunday winners will be posted on Monday. I hope that makes sense.

    Good luck! :)
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