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    Sep 2006
    Ok Steph, it rained all night long last night : > Really....

    Please stop by my Blog for some freebies " )

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    I'm in the Bay Area - loving the weather this weekend!


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    I am in Southern Cali too. The South Bay area to be exact.
    The weather was great this weekend except on Sunday.

    I love livin here!!!

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    I am in Central Cali. Where we had a hail storm today!!! in the End of March!

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    Yep, the weather in Southern California today has been bizzare....we had a lot of rain this morning and now we are in a wind tunnel with 70 mph winds and blowing dust....ugh!

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    Hey girls Im in Orange CA.

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    Sacramento, California - sort of Central CA

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    Except for the last 2 days it has been cold and rainy here in Northern Cali.Don't feel so alone.I go away for awhile but every time I come back I am welcomed~~Anne
    Life is pain,highness~The Dred Pirate Roberts

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    I'm in the South Bay, CA!!


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    Aug 2008
    Chilly Sacramento, CA
    I'm moving back to Sacramento at the beginning of summer. Though, not too sure how us "digi's" get together to scrap?!?! It would be fun =)

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