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    HTML CODE HELP/Creating a Flashing Header?

    Well , After a long trial of "ERRORS" here. I thought that I would come see , if there were anyone here that could help me with the problem I have seam to created all by

    If I did this right then you will see the "Blog Header' that We created the Twins..... BELOW

    OK here is where we need the help,because as much as they "LIKE" the Header, they both disagree with the "PICTURE", so that is when I came up with adding a "Flashing Avatar" , or Blinking Pictures , as they say... Well that is BELOW TOO... I need HELP with figuring out HOW TO "MERGE THE 2" , that way We all are happy ! ,Sorry if the Link is NOT showing the Animated Gif that we created. Please "CLICK" it to see what we are REALLY WANTING TO MERGE WITH THE HEADER BELOW. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are in dire need of the help , and greatly apprieciate all that we can get. I Think that I am more @ arms to get it FINISHED THEN THEY ARE..

    I mean they LOVE what they have on the Header , just the FIGHT IN PICTURES choosen.

    I had seen this on a Blog... Way back there, Have NO IDEA what the Blog Name was... ,because SOMEONE FORGOT TO WRITE THE SITE DOWN . I wonder who???? that could have been??? Or why She would have forgotten to write down something so IMPORTANT !!!!!!

    We have the Blog Header that we want and the Pictures that the Twins WANT !

    Daneta and Twins
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    Sorry, I am of no help at all, just wanted to say that you have a great blog header and cute idea. Hope someone comes along to help you!

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    I have never been good with blogs. Everytime I tried to change it, I spent weeks trying to fix it.

    There is a way to go in the "what you see is what you get" mode instead of the HTML That always helped me to resize me headers and images. Not sure if that would help.

    Hope someone who knows more about blogs can help out too

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    Looks great... wish I could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digi Deborah View Post
    Looks great... wish I could help.
    Hey just knowing that there are Digi-Scrappers that like the look of what we have made is a blessing and that imput is always appricated! We are on a quest and we will get there ! I AM NOT STOPPING UNTIL WE DO !! Thank you for the very kind comments. that all of U have made..

    Daneta and Twins

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