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Thread: Ehd

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    I am going to be buying one very soon.
    Especially seeing my laptop is running slow a lot of the time.
    Got the blue screen on the pc this morning...yikes!
    I also got zillions of pictures on an older pc that I am trying to take off because the CD tray is broken.
    I have tried a few different things but am now wondering if I plug an EHD in, will they transfer over easily?
    Just call me the question lady today.

  2. Deb talked about one that was 500gigs but I can't remember where she said. She'll see this and reply...
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Sep 2006
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    Well, I got and EHD. and it took hours to transfer my pics, and digiscrapping kits to it.
    My USB on the computer was a 1.0, and the EHD was a 2.0. Now when I hook it up to the new laptop, it transfers is minutes. That's the only draw back I've found.

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    It seems every option of moving photos off the old pc is going to be a long endeavor...oh, why didn't I back up.

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    Dec 2006
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    I just had some problems with my pc and I bought a second EHD that had 500gig. I started to move stuff over and it was taking a long time....I happened to have Norton's new 360 which has a back up program - there are other back up programs you can get.

    I then ran the back up of my files over to my new EHD overnight. I kicked it off before going to bed, and the next morning, the files had all moved over. A lot faster than moving the folders and files over manually. Problem is that if your laptop is having problems, you may not be able to install a new program.

    Wish you luck! Been there done that - I definitely know the feeling.

    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

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    I did the same when I got my EHD - set it to transfer them all, then went out for the day and let it get on with it!! So, I don't know how long it actually took, as I wasn't here when it finished!!

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    Thanks. I'll give it a whirl.
    I've tried the uploading to the internet but that is so slow.

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