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Thread: Spread the love!

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    Spread the love!

    I think we need a spread the love kinda thread. Post something nice about someone one the site with a little reason why you chose them to give some lovin too :)

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    Twirlyjoy gets my Love at the moment! Bless her heart. Not only is she my best mate and surrogate Mum to my 3 kids she is doing a great job with her 3 girls - especially the one who having only just recovered from a broken collar bone now has a broken wrist which is in a cast for quite a while cos when she breaks something she does it in style!
    Joy is the reason i scrap. I met her just over a year ago and she kinda got me hooked on scrapping. photography and diet coke! LOL, So Joy -
    (i know i mentioned mate twice but it is a big deal to me!!)

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    Sep 2006
    Wanganui, New Zealand
    Well, I would have to say a great big HUG and THANK YOU to Debra and Holly for providing a great community here. After being at 4 forums I finally found one where I would call home. Thank you
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
    Well, I would have to say a great big HUG and THANK YOU to Debra and Holly for providing a great community here. After being at 4 forums I finally found one where I would call home. Thank you

    Thanks Phoenix.. that really means alot.. we love you too!!

  5. I really like everyone.. this is so hard...

    But I'm gonna say Leslie Marie :)
    She's so sweet and so friendly and I just love how fun her family always looks in all her layouts!! I wanna be born into her family next time around..he he!

  6. Thanks Phoenix....that's very sweet! We're trying very hard to have a cozy site here that everyone can call home. You helping us majorly in paving the way!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  7. Can I give love to more than 1 person?

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    as long as it doesn't make the other person jealous ; )))


    as for me and my vote, I have to give hugs to Holly & Debra for starting this site and hanging with me as new digiscrapper AND designer...they are probably walking around handless cuz I wrung 'em off 'em asking so many questions and needing help!! so thanks's ((((hugs))) to ya both!!!
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

  9. Awww.... Thanks Liz... and let's not forget.. It was us coming and begging you to join our Design Team! Where would GDS be without you running around commenting on everyone's layouts and making such beautiful freebies and kits for everyone?.. and shoeing horses all at the same time! My kinda tough cookie!

  10. Talking

    I would like to THANK God for the best gift he ever husband of 40yrs (12 Oct)..we met the 1st time when heer was just 3yr & I was2.5yrs old at a mutual friends birthday party 22 Feb 1951.. lost track the re-met(high school) in Jan art class.. that 1st day when he got home he told his mother I saw the girl I'm going to marry today..rather shocked she asked him what's her name & his reply was " I don't know I just saw her today"..he was a shy guy only took him 5mo. to get the nerve to ask me out.. fast forward to now..we've bee through a lot of tough times but there isn't anyone else I'd rather gone through them with.. some how some way we have always found something to laugh at ..There isn't a day that goes by that I don't THANK God for him him more today than all the yesterdays of our lives.. we have 3 children ..9 grand childre & 1 great-grand child.... sorry for being so 'long winded' you see this is the Reader's Digest version..LOL

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