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Thread: Hello

  1. Hello

    HI from New Brunswick, Canada

  2. Hi there! Welcome to GDS :)

  3. Hi "Gingerbread2"! Welcome and hope you will visit me in the Art Journal Challenge!

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    Hello, and welcome to GDS.

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    Hello! Welcome to GDS!

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    Welcome to GDS!!

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    Hello and welcome to GDS. I hope you feel at home and don't be afraid to ask questions to get you started. A big high five to you from the west coast of Canada!

  8. finished lesson 3

    Hi, I have learned so much in just these 3 lessons. I am really glad I signed up for this course and will be so glad to integrate what I have learned with what I am already doing. It will be nice to use the program with confidence and not just trial and error. i knew there were features I wasn't using but I didn't know there were soooo many. Thanks
    My biggest problem is understanding the forum and how I am suppose to work with it. Looking forward to learning it as well.
    Where am I suppose to put my homework and how. I saved my page as a pdf and as a jpeg. What do you mean by 'post a link" ?
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    Hi and welcome to GDS!

    there are special galleries set up depending on what class you are taking
    When you go into the gallery, you should see "go digital classes" and then all the classes are listed.
    I wish I could help more, but I dont know which class you are taking.

    Another way to find your class gallery is to upload your layout (600 x600 .jpg format) You will see a drop down box across from "Choose a category to upload your images to." If you click the little arrow, you can scroll down and find your class gallery
    Just beneath this is the "browse" button where you select your image to upload.

    I hope this helps

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