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  1. Speed Scrap - Thu Aug 11 9pm est

    Get ready for a wild and wacky speed scrap coming to you live from your supreme team!!!

    STEP 1: Choose at least 2 photos you'd like to work with, feel free to use more if it suits your needs.
    2. Frame one photo and staple the other (or others) to the background paper you’ll be choosing in step 3.
    3. Choose 3-4 papers - use one paper for the background (a more simple pattern here would be best) and cut the other papers into a shape (or shapes) and arrange around the photos. Add a stroke to the shapes if you wish (edit>stroke).
    4. Choose one of your photos (it can be a repeat) and blend it into the background, you can do this by just reducing the opacity and/or using any of the blend modes in your digital program.
    5. Choose a few elements, duplicate/resize & rotate to create clusters for your layout, position them where you please.
    6. Add a title using at least 1 Alpha and 1 Font and journaling if you choose.
    7. Add a date, if applicable and any finishing touches you think your layout needs and post to the gallery by 11:30 eastern time. Please link to this thread, also!

    A huge thank you goes out to our ST for the speedscrap. It was truly a team effort. Tonight's steps were brought to you by britnkaysmemaw2, briarwoodpups, emeraldsong, sammimagoo, andstmac88.

    And a super-huge thanks to Dawn of Simply You, Simply Me for the templates and to Amanda of Outside the Box Design Studio and Deborah of Digi-Deborah for the coupons for the random drawings!

    Date: August 11, 2011
    Time: 9pm Eastern (New York), -5 gmt
    Dress: Casual, jammies welcome
    Fortification: Brownies or whatever makes your kids bounce off walls because you'll want lots of energy for our speed scrap!
    Posting Bonus: A huge thanks to Simply You, Simply Me for her blogging templates - a prize for everyone who completes the SS and posts on time! And rumor has it there might be a designer coupon or two for random prize drawings - woohoo!!

    If you'd like a hint, get at least two photos ready, and you're welcome to use more!

    Instructions will be posted both here in this thread and in the chat room. Come and join us for some fun!
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