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Thread: BERRY MERRY WINTER By SweetMade : Look What I made..

  1. BERRY MERRY WINTER By SweetMade : Look What I made..

    The "Christmas In July" sale is winding down, but before all of the sale prices are gone, I wanted to share the things that I made with Berry Merry Winter by SweetMade. The kit is on sale for $4.90 for the next few days only, so you might want to buy it now, and get a jump on your holiday cards and projects. Here's a preview of the kit:

    I have a few images to share of the elements I made using the kit, as well as a Peek-A-Boo 4x6 brag book page that I created. If you have never tried making a peek-a-boo page, I've included an image of each step to complete the extremely easy technique on my layout for you to see. This technique requires that you cut out a shape or shapes on the top layer of your layout and then you place the top layer on to another piece of paper. The bottom paper will only show through holes that you made, when you cut out the shapes on the top layer. That's all there is to it.

    First, I made a word art border to go on the front of my card and this is what I came up with:

    After looking at it, I thought something was missing, so I added a star to kind of balance the border. I think it looks a little better this way

    I had so much making the clustered word art border, that I started playing around with a few other things. I like clustering elements and layering them on top of other things. After making a cluster border with the big rose, I tried the cluster out on the frames. This is what I did with the white wooden frame from the kit. I tried using just the cluster on the frame first, but I saw the red metal spiral and I decided to mix that in as well.

    The kit has this fun white ribbon in the shape of a Christmas tree and I thought about putting the ribbon tree on top of an evergreen tree using the ribbon tree as white trim for the evergreen tree. I wanted a twist on the normal choice, so I thought can I put the evergreen tree onto the white ribbon Christmas tree and have it work.

    The last thing I worked on was the peek-a-boo brag book page. I thought it would be fun to make a few of the circle cut outs into ornament shapes. I used the scallop frame to draw the eye to the more important parts of the layout, the pictures and the date. fun..huh? I had another picture to go in the scallop framed circle at the very top, but it didn't work, so I just let the 2nd paper show through the cut out. Rats! I forgot to take off the scallop frame from around the window/cut out. Oh well. The top cut out would be a fun place to put a little journaling. Then it would become an important part of the layout and the scallop frame would need to be there anyway. tee hee!

    Step One:

    Step Two:

    Step Three:

    I used stripe paper for the bottom paper in step two and then I changed the bottom paper to a red diamond paper included in the kit for step three. I did it to show you another one of the papers from the kit. Well that's it for me. Thanks for sticking around through the long post. lol

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    Fabulous kit, and love everything you did with the kit.

  3. Wow, looks like FUN! I'm not ready to start thinking Christmas yet, but it's coming FAST!

  4. WOW i love it

  5. Gorgeous kit and lovely work with it too

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    really like the clustering around the frames they are beautiful
    in fact you have got me itching to have a go
    i think i will go find a frame and some bits and pieces and get creative

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    These are just beautiful!

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    Talking Good.

    very good.

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