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Thread: Hello Sweden!

  1. Hello Sweden!

    Any one here from Sweden?`

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    Well, 1/4 of me is - LOL! My grandmother was born in sweden! I never knew her though she passed away when my Dad was 5 years old. I've been trying to trace back to her family.

  3. Whats was her name? I maybe able to help you?

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    Thank you for your offer! Her name was Olga Nelson and in my research I am pretty sure I found that she was born in Rebbleburga (hope I spelled that right!) She was born in 1873 I think. My Dad's side of the family was not very willing to give out much information. What part of Sweden to do you live in?

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    Hello GripDesign

    I'm from Sweden

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    Midwest America
    I'm close, from Norway...

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