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Thread: What would you like to see???

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    I would like to see more of the stitching (for lack of a better word) that looks like the satiny ties on ballet shoes with the criss-cross pattern. Also, there isn't very much boy stuff out there. Maybe a kit with chain link fence, dirt splotches, mud pies, that kind of stuff.
    I also love orange so maybe a kit with orange with yellow and/or white or purple. The only orange stuff you see is for Halloween - we need some generic orange papers & stuff.

  2. I have been reading what everyone wants and I have to agree with the wordart, templates , overlays and quickpages/bragbooks. The only kit I am really looking for is a Walleye fishing kit. I have seen them for fly fishing/trout but not for us walleye fishing people. I have lots of fishing pictures that I would love to scap.

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    I personally would love to see two things:

    Asian elements

    Carousel horses (DH proposed to me on a carousel).


    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

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    Laura, I love your idea about a kit including carousel items--not necessarily circusy, but more just pretty and fun. For that matter, a kit for "Sunday in the Park" that included a carousel, benches, & duck pond could be a great one.

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    Came across this thread and thought it might be something to update...any ideas folks??

  6. great thread, I went to k class for a pioneer day and would like to do a layout of that day, it was so cute, kids were dressed up too, so if there could be some elements with some old time items or something would be neat.

  7. Thanks for asking, great thread!!

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    I still want the carousel horses, but I'd also like to see someone do a dedicated heritage kit.

  9. I just started to workout at curves and I would love to see a kit for working out.

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    I thought it might be time to give this thread "BUMP"! Things change and evolve so quickly in the digi scrapworld, so I thought may it's time for some "fresh" requests and ideas?

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