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Also, I know I'm probably so 90's, but I still love all the country stuff that was so popular then---barn reds, gray blues, and deep greens.Grunge them up and I will be forever happy!
I'm with Griest - I LOVE all country stuff - barn reds, gray blues, and deep greens and grunged up - with checks and plaids and stripes - I can never have enough of them.

Well, here's a SHORT list from me -

1. Country stuff - ginghams, plaids, grungy solids with unique elements

2. Transportation/Travel - I have TONS of photos of car stuff to scrap - so generic transportation stuff - like license plates (make your own or FUNNY personalized ones that already have cute sayings on them), colorful road signs, papers with maps on them, cute word art (like...are we there yet?);
unique 'travel' elements.

3. BRAG BOOKs and BRAG Book Templates. This is the latest trend - and I've made up several brag books for my grandkids and they LOVE them. 4x6 inch size templates and books are the BEST! I can print 3 of them on a single photo sheet 8.5x11 at home - and then I laminate them at home and put an office ring through them and the young kids love them. Especially since they have 'dirty' hands a lot and can look at the photos of themselves and others - and it's portable - the 1 and 2 year olds love them in the cars to look at.
And it's a quick way to share photos with them in a creative way.

These also make NICE gifts to grandparents and in-laws and friends for any occasion - a real quick way to give a small keepsake album to friends for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

4. Anything Heritage related - I have tons of old family photos to scrap - vintage 20s/30s, vintage 40s/50s, vintage 60s/70s. Popular colors from those eras too.

5. Craft related - most digiscrappers are into other crafts as well - we are a creative bunch - I'm a sucker for anything sewing, quilted, or needlework related...like heirloom laces and fabrics, and sewing elements, cross stitch, embroidery patches/tags with cute sayings - like 'you are SEW sweet - etc.
And AC has the cross stitch and embroidery actions that should be able to make up some really cute sewing related tags, alphas, elements.

6. FRAMES - I can never have enough of these - of any kind.

7. Overlay templates - I can never have enough of these - the kind that you use quickly to grunge up or texture papers.

8. Cottage garden or shabby chic - I LOVE anything that is whitewashed! Can't get enough of this. And I LOVE picket fences and lattice backgrounds.
Even a template with a picket fence or lattice background on it. Memo boards.

9. Christening, Baptism, Confirmation kits, high school and college graduation kits, Wedding kits. Anything that relates to congratulatory moments.

10. Anything 'kid' related - we are always scrapping our kids and grandkids - can never have enough of these papers and elements. Tap Dancing, Ballet, Gymnastics, sports, swimming, trucks and cars and blocks, and video games.
And EDUCATIONAL ones too - papers with the alphabet and numbers on them. Templates with the alphabet and numbers.

Well - that's my short list - so far. If I think of anything else, I will add later.