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Thread: GDS Blinkies

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  1. GDS Blinkies

    I am looking for GDS Blinkies. Where would I look?

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    Apr 2007
    Amish Country, Western PA
    The only place that I've seen them is in people's signatures!! Maybe someone else can enlighten BOTH of us

  3. You can snag them from people's siggies if you like.....I don't believe that they are located in any specific place in the forums or anything....just make sure that you upload them to a photo hosting site like photobucket, and add them to your own siggie........

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    Dec 2006
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    There are a couple that I made that were posted in the supreme team thread for people to snag, but I think your best bet is just to snag them directly from someone's signature

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    Here's one in my siggie that I really like! (thus why I snagged it LOL)
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    These two are hosted on my photobucket so you can just use these addresses: (use the insert image function)

  7. Thanks to everyone for the lovely blinkies - I have that on the top of my list of things to learn, just haven't had the time yet to try. I'm really grateful that there are so many talented people willing to share their works of art!!!

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    Oh My goodness! I didnt think it was that easy! LOL Learn something new everyday!!!! Thanks ya'll!!!!

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    Wow.. Sounds Like We Need A Blinkie Area!! I just love seeing all of these!!

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    Thank you all for the wonderful blinkies...
    The are adorable

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