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    I'm doing ADSR. I figure they'll throw even more curve balls than Jenn is tonight.

  2. 1. Pick one or two papers. If you choose two papers, layer them on top of each other, one slightly smaller than the other.
    2. Choose one to three photos. If you choose one or two, duplicate so that you have three photos total. "Cut" into circular shapes, getting gradually smaller.
    3. Blend (or use opacity) to blend an element into your background.
    4. Place your photos vertically (but offset) down the page.

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    mid north coast Australia NSW
    What exactly is adsr?

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    When you say offset, what exactly do you mean?

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    Jayne and I are gonna try the race!

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    I'm back ... had to find the element to blend.

    I'm participating in ADSR, too! My first time ... I'm partnering with Chris ... I'm looking forward to it. It sounds fun!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MunchkinsMom View Post
    When you say offset, what exactly do you mean?
    NOT in a straight line down the page....

    but in a crooked line


    now let's see if that worked...

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    So that's 4 teams from GDS so far. Sounds fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landofoz View Post
    What exactly is adsr?
    I had to ask the same thing, Maggie! It is apparently a digi scrap challenge based on the television show "The Amazing Race". You partner with another scrapper to "run" it ... you have to both complete layouts in a certain amount of time in order to move on to the next challenge ... it should be exciting!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by landofoz View Post
    What exactly is adsr?
    It's the Amazing Digi Scrap Race, participate with a partner and are given a series of challenges over six weeks (12 in all) and get lots of fabulous prizes and meet great people and give your mojo a great big boost!
    I think Liz started a thread around here somewhere if you need help finding a partner.....

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