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    Quote Originally Posted by MunchkinsMom View Post
    DH just walked in the door from work and I told him I'd talk to him once the Speed Scrap was done. Does that make me a bad wife?
    Nope ... sounds pretty considerate to me ...

    ... you gave him fair warning.

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    Ok, step one done!

  3. I would agree

  4. Quote Originally Posted by altimasport View Post
    ok I'm back!! Had to get my jellybeans! Hey everybody and Happy St. Patty's day!
    Jelly Beans....yum
    I have a half eaten box of chocolates sitting hubby is going to ask me any moment what happened to it....

    Hi Chris :)

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    Jenn, no sharing with DH till you share with us!

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    We were so bad today...had to have a mint oreo ice cream thingy from DQ....I never eat that stuff so I don't even know what the real name is!! lol

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    BLIZZARDS!!! Mint oreo blizzard!

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    I need someone to take my jelly beans away ... I'm making myself sick! They are like pop corn ... I can't stop eatin' 'em!

    Got step one done!

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW
    I hide my chokies from DH lol ...yum!yum!

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    So, Jayne, are you still here? Very quiet, don't know if you fell asleep

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