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Thread: I don't see Florida represented

  1. finding Florida peeps talking about hurricanes.

    I'm in Davenport, just south of Disney.

    Like KarenM, I was hit by all 3 in '04. Unfortunatly our damage was more severe. I have huge trees, so luckily we only lost branches, but by all 3 most of my shingles and some of the actual roof was gone, my she roof is ruined, and the ceiling in my girls room collapsed in and I couldn't get it fixed for almost a year because lovely (sarcasm) FEMA decided to send me a check for $76 for all my damages. Hopefully I won't have to see another season like that again.

    Nice to meet some fellow Floridians!!


  2. Hey tcscrapper....I'm in Palm Bay!!

  3. Another FL Scrapper here! I live in Homosassa, which is on the gulf coast about an hour north of Tampa.

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    I'm a Tampa, FL Gal

    Hi. Would love to get together with a (some?!?) digital scrappers in Tampa, St. Pete, Lakeland. Enjoy the day. Kathryn

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    Nov 2007
    Miami Springs, Florida
    I'm representing Southern Florida! I live in Miami Springs~~~a city between the Miami International airport and Hialeah. Greetings, Karen

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    Hi Ladies! I'm in Palm Bay and I'm sure grateful we didn't get any hurricanes this year. I'm new to digital scrapping ... I'm new to all scrapping. I've spent about 2 years collecting "supplies" (paper and digital) and have yet to make anything other than my monthly calendar desktop! I just have such a hard time "seeing" my pictures in "final layout", so I never start.

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    Hi, Barbara. Thank God there have been no hurricanes! I am in Tampa. I'm also new to scrapping (since July), but I only do digital. To me, the easiest way to get started is to either try a 'quick page' or use a template. They both are great to get used to how things should flow. And, you're one ahead of me, I have never done a calendar desktop! (Actually, my screensaver is a rotation of my scrapbook pages (jpgs) and some favorite photos from a friend in New Zealand.} Good luck.

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    Nov 2007
    Miami Springs, Florida

    I'm from Florida!

    Hey there fellow Floridians! I'm in Miami Springs; south of you both. Keep your fingers crossed regarding hurricanes---the season isn't over quite yet! Now, go knock on wood! LOL Karen

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    Secret Underground Lair in South Florida
    A big shout out to all my fellow Florida scrappers! Holla!

    Too lame?

    Anyway, I too am from Sunny Florida. I've lived here since I was 6 and I love it.

    @casey4 - Are you still in Fort Pierce? I live in PSL, went to school in FP, and still go to IRPC every Sunday. (Acronyms are fun.)

  10. HELLOOOOO fellow Floridians. I am from the Tallahassee, FL area. Anyone else around here? I read over this thread and did not see one, but thought I might have missed somebody.

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