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    Got my ribbon buttoned down

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    lol Lone =)

  3. 1. Pick 5 papers. Use one as a background and use the others to create thin strips of "paper."
    2. Pick either 3 square photos touching each other or one rectangular photo. Remember your theme is "Dedicated to the One I Love." You can frame if you like.
    3. Place your photo(s) at an angle and position it hanging partially off the side of your layout. If you have more than one photo, make sure that the vertical sides are touching.
    4. Layer your paper strips underneath your photo(s). Angle if you like.
    5. In one corner of your layout, opposite the side you have your pictures on, use a fastener or two (staples, buttons, brads, etc) to attach a ribbon, bow, string, or lace.
    6. Embellish as desired...don't forget your shadows!

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    wow, is it really going to be this easy, no zingers at the end???

  6. Embellishing here I come!

  7. I'm finishing my very first Orlando page tonight...but I must admit....old habits (in the form of lace, flowers, and frills) die hard, LOL.....but since the photos are of him when just a couple of hours old...please tell me I can get away with it, LOL!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by donakat View Post
    wow, is it really going to be this easy, no zingers at the end???
    Guess that depends who you ask.....

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    You definitely can do flowers. He's just a baby, after all, soft and sweet. So go to town, girl!!!

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    Flowers will go well with the baby photos, as well as lace

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