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  1. I would agree flowers are just fine!

  2. 1. Pick 5 papers. Use one as a background and use the others to create thin strips of "paper."
    2. Pick either 3 square photos touching each other or one rectangular photo. Remember your theme is "Dedicated to the One I Love." You can frame if you like.
    3. Place your photo(s) at an angle and position it hanging partially off the side of your layout. If you have more than one photo, make sure that the vertical sides are touching.
    4. Layer your paper strips underneath your photo(s). Angle if you like.
    5. In one corner of your layout, opposite the side you have your pictures on, use a fastener or two (staples, buttons, brads, etc) to attach a ribbon, bow, string, or lace.
    6. Embellish as desired...don't forget your shadows!
    7. Use an Alpha to create a title, and put any additional journaling (of course you have to have journaling....this is about someone/something you love!) on small strips of paper.

    OK! That's the last one! Finish your pages and upload your layout to the Speed Scrap Gallery and if you post by the time I wake up in the morning you are still eligible for the posting bonus and gift certificate!
    Be sure and post here inthe thread with a link to your page in the gallery so we can all leave some love!

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    she may make us write a a final step...that would be the zinger

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    Sure you can get away with it Jenn...until he is a teenager and sees this and then says....Ah Mom, what did you do that for? LOL

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    do we get one more step?

  6. Last step is right HERE

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    the "J" word
    i will have to do some thinking for this one

    thanks Jenn for hosting
    I hope that "creative" license will get me thru this one :)

  8. I am really behind, but getting there slowly, but surely....

  9. Thanks for coming! It was just like old times :)...don't know how long I can stick around....el nino decided not to go to bed....

    Here's the inspiration for tonights SS.....Adorable by Twirlyjoy

    image is clickable so you can leave her some love....

    and here is my take on it....Creative License used liberally, of course...

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    ohhhhhhhh sooo sweet!!! :) I like that *by the time I wake up* stuff!!! :)

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