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    Thanks, Jenn, this was a great one. Lots of people here, too, that I didn't even realize. Jayne, you're so quiet tonight!

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    Here is my LO

    My Sons

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    Here's mine ...

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    Thanks for the great speed scrap Jenn. Got mine done and posted

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    Belleville, Illinois
    Thanks Jenn---I needed a speed scrap fix, lol.


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    These are all turning out so cute! Terrific speed scrap, Jenn! Thanks so much for hosting. It was good seeing everyone!

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    Ok... So in my rush to catch up, I missed the part about lining the pictures up "vertically." Oops! Thanks for the fun speed scrap Jenn!
    Here's mine:

  8. I won't call this one totally done yet. Couldn't get journaling strips to look right, and I was liking the simple look of this so far. Will look at it again in the morning, but I'm way out of time to work on it more tonight so that i can get up for work in the morning. Thanks a million for a fun speed scrap, Jenn!! So good to have you back at the helm!!

    Will have to leave love tomorrow, too!

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    ok.. done.. just gotta load it to the gallery now... Thanks Jenn for hosting!! ... silly hubby thinks ss should take about 15 mins... LOL sigh.. men...

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    Here's my layout. Great SS, Jenn!

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