Glad to hear you all are doing well!

Ok, so wanna know why I picked vacation again? Because I NEED a vacation! With all the holidays and school activities, I'm ready for a nice and relaxing vacation! And remember our Dreaming of Summer sale that gets you in the mood for summer activities including beach time and vacations! So there you go....

I'll give you 7 steps over the next hour (every 10 minutes or so) and then you'll have an hour after that to finish your layout and upload to our Speed Scrap gallery.

Remember to post often in this thread to increase your chances of randomly winning a $5 coupon good for anything in my store!

And to keep up, the Refresh button in your browser is your friend!!!

As always, I'm always open to creative interpretation and I'm not going to count your items to make sure they match the steps given! So relax and have fun...that's what it's all about!