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Thread: Question about being featured & contests

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    Question Question about being featured & contests

    I had a question about being featured and outside contests...

    I've been scrapbooking for 12 years now but have just recently started to be recognized by various sources so this is new to me. Over the past 2 months I've had a couple of pages and cards be selected to be in contests for national craft magazines and featured on some very popular blogs. None of the sites in question have stores or sell digital scrapbook supplies.

    I was curious if there is an appropriate place in the forums for people to share good news like this? I haven't been published yet but I'm very excited being recognized. Also, would it be acceptable to post a link for voting purposes for contests?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Happy crafting,

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    Well I know there is a thread - here - - where people post if they've been published. These are mostly for digi scrap layouts, and hybrids.

    As far as voting goes, we have had people start a thread and ask for votes for one thing or another. These are usually from people who have been members of the site for a while and have become friendly with other members here. They don't feel bad about asking for votes.

    Perhaps one of the owners will clarify things for you a bit better according to the Forum rules. But, you should give digiscrapping a try - it's so much fun!

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    Thank you for replying to my question. Your response has been very helpful! :)

    I've been a member here for over a year so I guess it's time to break out of my proverbial shell and start participating. I think these recent acknowledgments are a sign to not allow my shyness and insecurity about my art hold me back anymore.

    Thank you for helping spark my epiphany.

    Happy crafting,

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