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    Speedscrap Thursday 30 December

    We're squeezing in one last speedscrap for 2010! Tomorrow Thursday 30 December here in the forum.. Holly said she'll whip up a little posting bonus to make it worth your while!

    The time you ask? I hope we don't miss each other..

    GMT+2: 21:00
    EST: 14:00
    HST: 09:00
    CST: 13:00
    PST: 11:00

    And if all else fails:

    Hope to see lots of you ladies there!

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    So....what time is that really?

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    I think the CST is 1:00 pm. I'll be here!! Any hints Christelle?

  4. I'll be here, I just moved from Florida to Denver Co. So the time zone make me think too hard ????? I'll be back here at noon, I think!

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    Well, my time is GMT+2 and I'm planning on starting the speedscrap at 21:00 my time.

    The only clue I'm giving is that we'll be scraplifting a lovely LO done recently by one of our Supreme Team Alumni members....

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    I'm so happy I saw this. I missed the last one and I love to speed scrap!

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    Checking in just in case I have the wrong time!! lol. Have a great day my friends and I'll see you at the SPEED SCRAP!!!

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    Speedscrap in a little more than 2 hours ladies!

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    May 2009
    No. California
    Oh fun! I haven't been in a speed scrap for a while. I'm already - got Elements open, and my folder with all my GDS kits open too. See ya all at 11 PST!

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    I'm here for the speed scrap! I might not be very active we have a storm going on and the power and internet has already gone out once this morning.

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