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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    Me too!! Working on my clusters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agarzaldynrd View Post
    Me too!! Working on my clusters.
    I know a cluster is a time consuming thing!

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    Jeni - if I ever make it that way again - I'll take you up on that! Hawaii is a popular destination spot for a lot of western Canadians.

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    1) * 2 papers - patterned as background, 1 solid cut into a broad strip, placed vertically, more to the side.
    * 1 photo, cropped into a square

    2) Place the photo on the patterned paper towards the bottom of the page, overlapping a little bit with the paper strip.

    3) Add a border / lace strips under both sides of the paper strip.

    4) Create a vertical cluster on the photo side of the paper strip using 5 different elements (may be repeated as many times as required) and a ribbon.

    5) Create a small cluster on other side of paper strip.

    6) Strategically scatter some sparkles / snowflakes / small elements for some atmosphere.

    7) Add a title, placing the "punch line" on a tag / mat. Add shadows, and upload to the speedscrap gallery (here: within the next hour.

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    Wow - that went quick!

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    Thanks for the speedy speed scrap!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arizona Girl View Post
    Thanks for the speedy speed scrap!!
    Time flies when you're having fun!! Hope everyone could keep up and enjoyed!
    I'll post the LO that we lifted in 5 minutes...

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    Thanks for hosting Christelle!

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    I did have a fun time (when I wasn't fighting with my toddler to take a nap).
    Thanks so much for the great speed scrap.
    Here is my LO,
    "All Boy"

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    And here's the beautiful LO that inspired tonight's Speedscrap:

    Favorite Gift: You - by Lisa (aka SparkysGirl). Be sure to leave her some extra special love! (image is linked)

    Thank you to everyone who participated! I'll get your bonuses out as soon as I get it myself

    Here's my LO:

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