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  1. Hoping the stars align, and I can get to this one!

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    Yea! Thank you I'll "see" you there 9am HST, perfect time too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_camargo6 View Post
    Hoping the stars align, and I can get to this one!
    love your new siggie Jenn
    i too hope the stars align

    i am thinking it should be 2pm EST -- so now that most of the inlaws are gone, i should be able to break away. oh the things I could scrap about a week with them all

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    I'm gonna try to join!

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    Would that be 12:00 noon cst?

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    Bummers....I have to work tomorrow, if I am over this stomach virus that is.

    Have a great time everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agarzaldynrd View Post
    Would that be 12:00 noon cst?
    Oh goodness Anna, I get the time as 13h00 CST ( what would "CST6CDT" mean? I am soooo clueless with these time zones!)

    It also looks like it is 14h00 EST. Hope we don't confuse ourselves in the process!
    I'm getting very excited already..

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